[Joanna Wiebe] Writing Non-Suck Copy for Websites

I just came accross this video: “Writing Non-Sucky Copy for Websites, Marketing Collateral and Newsletters” by Joanna Wiebe of Copyhackers. The fact is, most websites contain really bad/boring copy. This may not be a major problem if your your product or services is “exciting” but, what if you sell (for example) “fencing” – No offense […]

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[Joel Comm] Being Human in a Digital Age

Thanks to the internet, we are more connected than ever before but, just how honest and authentic are we still? Joel Comm (author of “Twitter Power 3.0 How To Dominate Your Market, One Tweet At a Time”) recently present at TEDxMileHigh, his talk titled “Being Human in a Digital Age” is really powerful. You can […]

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Social Media: What You Need to Budget for in 2015

The Face of Customer Service: Social Media

The Role or “Face” of Customer Service in Social Media has been growing exponentially as consumers expand across all digital channels at astounding rates. The mini-infographic below clearly illustrates how companies can provide outstanding Customer Service across Social Media channels to outperform their competitors and increase customer loyalty: Click To Enlarge Via Salesforce In a […]

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Services of a Social Media Manager

Getting someone to manage your social media activities is not something you should take lightly. Social media, and especially customer feedback on social media channels, has the potential to affect a company on many levels. For this reason, it may be a very good idea to entrust the management of your company’s social media activities […]

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social-proof_stephen strydom marketing

Essential Elements of a Business Website

As a (very important) component of your online marketing strategy, your business website has an extremely important function. It has to: Attract organic visitors/prospects; Educate & Inform them; Most importantly, it has to convert them into leads (which you can turn into sales) Years ago, a company could have a “static” website built and never […]

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