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Why Your Website Needs an Email List

Why Your Website NEEDS an Email List: A Sumo-Sized Guide You’re the CEO of your business. But you’re not just the CEO. You’re also the CFO, the CMO, and the COO. So you might think you don’t have time for email marketing. Between meetings and content and social, not to mention oh I don’t know… […]

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AdWords Custom Affinity Audiences

An AdWords Custom Affinity Audience is essentially an audience you create yourself. You can tell Google to build tailored audiences for your business based on your customers’ most recent search behavior—people who have likely visited websites or searched keywords that are relevant… Google Custom Affinity Audiences | Scale & Convert Your Audiences You: Hey, Google. […]

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How to Use Adwords for Online Marketing

Now that you’ve read my previous posts, you know the basics of online marketing and your website has been updated to convert visitors into customers. The next step is to learn how to use AdWords (Google’s online advertising program) [Image & content source: Google] How AdWords Works Your ad can appear when someone searches for […]

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Element of a Successful Website

In my previous post, I suggested that driving visitors to your website with online marketing (or Google AdWords ads) won’t help you much if your website is not designed in a way that “convinces” them to do business with you. So what are the essential elements that a website should contain/include to ensure success? [Image […]

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Online Marketing & Google AdWords – The Basics

If you are new to online marketing (and Google Ads/AdWords in particular) Google has a free guide to help you get started. It also gives you an introduction to online marketing. Some of the basics covered in the guide are: The Difference between Google AdWords ads and “organic” (“free”) search results Let’s say you’re advertising […]

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